Paul Dupuy

Paul Dupuy is a young artist born in Paris in 1989. He was introduced to art in his early childhood by his mother, who used to be a fashion designer and later became a painter, and he quickly developed a taste for colors and matter. Paul had no clue he would become an artist and started his career by building companies. He first launched an online advertising startup that operated in Asia, where he lived for three years and came back particularly impressed by Japan.

In 2013, he moved to New York City and settled down on Wall Street, where he encountered a society obsessed by money and profit, values in which he didn’t recognize himself. It’s at that time that Paul felt the need to express his imagination in a different way and operated a radical shift: his ideas would now need to take shape in an artistic way.

Self-taught, extremely creative and perpetually curious, Paul works by experimenting materials and methods that he diverts from their original purpose, in order to produce unusual and surprising artworks. Paul now lives between New York City and Europe, and divides his time between his entrepreneurial activities and his art. 

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